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Advanced Container Co. is Houston’s most dependable and dedicated supplier of new, used, and refurbished shipping container facilities.

We’ve earned a reputation in Texas – and worldwide – as a family owned and operated company that stands by it’s products and services. We take the daunting task of buyingrenting or modifying a steel storage container, and make it easily manageable, easily affordable, and easily customizable.

  • In-Stock Shipping Containers
  • Best Quality & Best prices
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  • Expert In-House Modification Shop (with over 60 years experience)
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  • Convenient Houston Area Location + Delivery Around The World

We work with individual buyers and companies of all sizes to meet your specific needs and provide the solution you’ve been looking for. If it involves shipping, storage, steel or cargo containers – we’re the go-to container experts you can rely on for competitive rates, top notch customer service, and fast service. Those are the hallmarks of our business, the promises of our company, and the standards our customers can depend on.

We maintain a huge stock of shipping containers and have an on-site modification shop ready to build code compliant modules for your project.

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Buy New or Used

Advanced Container Co. supplies both second-hand and new cargo-worthy steel shipping containers in a range of sizes and designs. We sell the steel containers you need locally in Houston and on a worldwide basis. There are numerous designs, but 95% are what are termed dry containers, which carry general freight. There are also refrigerated units designed for transporting either frozen or chilled cargo and specialty steel boxes, many of which are specifically designed for certain cargo. 

All shipping containers must conform to international standards such as ISO, UIC, TIR, and CSC, and Advanced Container can advise you on the right type of container for your specific needs.

The advantages of choosing steel containers are endless. Steel storage containers provide dry, theft and vandal proof storage for a variety of purposes including office equipment, tools, materials, and more. We also have an in-house fabrication shop if you need an additional movable workspace, some examples are offices, restrooms, and workshops.

Need information, like how much can fit in a 20′ steel container? Check out our sizes pages where you can find all the useful info you need.

Contact Advanced Container today and stop by our convenient shipping container yard at 1711 Turning Basin Dr, Building A, Houston, TX 77029. We will give the grand tour of our newly renovated in-house fabrication department and vast stock to choose the perfect steel container to suit your needs.



New Shipping Containers

New shipping containers, also known as 1-trip containers may have a few scratches but they have only made the journey overseas once. Each container is surveyed and inspected to IICL standards.


Used Shipping Containers

When shipping containers are no longer seaworthy, they are retired and used for other purposes. They are usually 8-12 years old and have superficial dents, scratches and sometimes rust. We sell them as-is or we can refurbish to fit your needs.

20-ft shipping containers used


Need a refurbished or modified container? Our in-house fabrication shop will build the shipping or storage container to meet your specific needs. We can modify containers to be used as storage units, offices, and homes or add windows, doors, shelves, electrical, and more. We understand that every customer has different requirements, and we’re committed to providing a custom solution that meets your unique needs.