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Advanced Container Co is your go-to source for shipping containers in Lake Charles, LA, strategically located near the Gulf of Mexico, and serving customers across the entire United States. We sell, rent, or modify containers to fit your needs.

Shipping Containers are Crucial to Lake Charles

Lake Charles, LA, benefits economically and geographically from the use of shipping and storage containers due to its proximity to major transportation routes and its dynamic industrial landscape. Strategically positioned near the Gulf Coast, Lake Charles serves as a pivotal hub for maritime commerce, with easy access to international shipping lanes.

Lake Charles Container Sizes

We have an extensive inventory of container sizes to meet your needs, available in various conditions to accommodate your budget and quality requirements. Whether you’re in the market for a compact 10-footer, a standard 20-foot container, or the larger 40-footers, we have the inventory to fulfill your demands.

Standard Container Sizes

Optional Containers:

Buy New or Used Shipping Containers in Lake Charles, LA

Our new containers are sourced from top manufacturers and guarantee durability, security, and weather resistance. For those seeking more cost-effective options, our used containers are thoroughly inspected and refurbished to ensure they meet stringent quality standards. This attention to detail ensures that every container we sell, whether new or used, provides maximum value and reliability.

Lake Charles Modification Specialists

We specialize in shipping container modifications. Our in-house fabrication shop routinely provides common custom services such as adding windows, doors, A/C units and more.

Fun Facts about Lake Charles, LA

  • Lake Charles is known as the Festival Capital of Louisiana, hosting more than 75 festivals each year, including the famous Mardi Gras celebration.
  • The city is named after Charles Sallier, who was one of the first settlers in the region.
  • Lake Charles is home to the largest casino market in the state of Louisiana.
  • Contraband Bayou, which flows through Lake Charles, was a notorious hideout for pirates in the early 19th century.
  • The city boasts the only white-sand inland beach along the Gulf Coast, at the Lake Charles Civic Center.
  • Lake Charles is a major hub of the petrochemical industry, thanks to its vast reserves of sulfur and petroleum.
  • Home to beautifully preserved Victorian architecture that offers a glimpse into the city’s affluent history and craftsmanship of the late 1800s.

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Shipping Containers Lake Charles LA

Container Features

No matter if you would like to rent or buy our containers, you will get the best product at a fair price. Features included are:

  • Long lasting, high strength, and corrosive resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Long lasting hinges and finishes
  • Secure storage
  • Easily modified
  • Straightforward delivery

The Benefits of Shipping Containers in Lake Charles, Louisiana

Shipping containers have become an increasingly popular choice for various applications in Lake Charles, Louisiana, thanks to their versatility and robustness. Here are some key benefits:

Durability and Strength: Constructed from premium steel, shipping containers are built to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including heavy cargo loads, saltwater exposure, and severe weather. This makes them a reliable option for long-term storage and transportation needs.

Versatility: Shipping containers are highly versatile and can be customized to meet a wide array of storage needs. Whether you require insulation, specialized temperature control, or easy access for loading and unloading, there are container variants available to suit your requirements.

Cost-Effectiveness: Containers offer a cost-effective solution compared to traditional building methods. They are often more affordable to construct, especially when converted into homes or office spaces, and can significantly cut down on overall expenses.

Accessibility and Convenience: Given the strategic location of Lake Charles with its deep-draft access for vessels and modern terminal facilities, shipping containers can be easily transported and accessed for both personal and commercial use. This accessibility further enhances their convenience as a storage solution.

Environmental Benefits: Repurposing shipping containers contributes to sustainability by recycling materials that would otherwise go unused. Additionally, when equipped with energy-efficient features, container homes or offices can reduce energy consumption and environmental impact.

Security: The robust structure of shipping containers offers enhanced security for stored goods. Their solid construction and lockable doors provide protection against theft and unauthorized access.

Port Proximity: Proximity to important waterways and ports bolsters Shreveport’s ability to engage in international trade, with containers allowing for easy transfer from ships to trucks or trains.

Disaster Preparedness: In times of emergencies or natural disasters, shipping containers can be rapidly deployed to affected areas to serve as temporary shelters, storage units, and operational bases for recovery efforts.

These benefits make shipping containers a practical and efficient solution for various storage and structural needs in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

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