40-ft Double Door Container

40-ft Double Door Container

Our 40-ft double door container maximizes space and accessibility. Combining the factors of size and doors, creates the possibility of endless uses. Whether buying or renting this container, the function of it will be consistent. With cargo doors on both ends it is ideal for storage of many items and gaining access to it with little hassle. This container gives you the best of both worlds in terms of space and function.



40-ft Double Door Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
40'8' 8' 6"39' 6"7' 9"7' 10"7' 8"7' 6"
Interior Cubic Capacity: 2,385 ft3
Tare Weight: 8,930 lbs
Max Cargo Weight: 67,200 lbs
*Please note that all product specifications are approximate and NOT exact. Our manufacturers have slight variations, within ISO standards, to meet the product dimensions & specifications.



40′ Double Door Shipping Container

Item Description

All of Advanced Container Company’s 40-ft double door cargo containers offer the following features:

  • Double doors on the front and back of the container
  • Steel construction
  • Ground level entry
  • Over 33 and a half ton carrying capacity
  • 2385 ft3 of interior capacity
  • Custom modifications
  • Available for delivery

40′-DD Advantages

These sturdy steel shipping containers hold the following advantages:

Loading and unloading with ease: The equipped side opening doors allow for effortless access by pallet trucks and forklifts making packing and unpacking a breeze. With access from all sides, organization of goods and optimization of space are made fast and easy.

Superior access to stored goods: Regardless of the location of the item within the container, retrieval is made simple. The side door design allows for easy access to cargo on all sides of the container. Removal of obstructing items is no longer needed to access a particular section of the container; The section of goods you need is only a door away.

Large Cargo? No problem: Our side access containers allow sufficient room for the more sizeable items that often wouldn’t fit through a standard steel containers’ doors.

Expert Modifications Done In-house

Our 40 foot DD containers aren’t just for storage and transportation. There are thousands of ways we can modify your investment to suit a variety of applications:

  • Extra car garage
  • Tractor storage
  • Home storage
  • Boat storage
  • Workout gym

Whether you are storing equipment or are needing storage for stock overflow, our 40 foot double door shipping containers allow you to stack, store, and ship with limitless access to your unit.

Make sure you know your options- contact our team of experts today and we’ll find the best options for your needs.