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Temperature Controlled Containers

Shipping Containers with Temperature Control

Advanced Container Co. is your one-stop-shop for all your temperature controlled container needs. Our vast selection of shipping containers allows us to fulfill any client’s specifications, crafting the perfect container for you. Whether you require climate controlled storage, workspace, or restrooms for your business, we’ve got it covered.

Our portable shipping containers can be set and maintained at any temperature at your request. Large exterior or smaller interior AC units can be customized to meet your needs. Some modifications include full air-conditioning, heating and cooling, standard wall mounts, window mounts, window fans, hazardous areas, stationary louvers and vents.


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Cooling System

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Heating & Air Conditioning

Due to harsh environments, shipping containers with built-in temperature control can be very necessary.

Heating and Cooling Options

  • Commercial grade HVAC systems
  • Window air conditioning units
  • Wall mounted units
  • Complete cooling systems
  • Fans and vents

Climate Controlled Container Sizes

We install air conditioning units and systems in all sizes of our containers. 

Although we stock many sizes and configurations, our most popular container sizes are the 20-ft and 40-ft standard units. The different configurations where you will see climate-controlled option are the 20-ft double door, 40-ft double door, and different high cube sizes.

Climate-Controlled Applications

Portable Storage Containers: Whether you need to store items for a short or long periods of time, or are limited on space in a warehouse they provide an innovative solution for those in need of portable and efficient storage. These movable containers are perfect for storing a wide variety of items, from documents to sensitive equipment and electronics.

Whole Container Conversions: Some of our modifications include complete conversions where air conditioning and heating are necessary to keep people comfortable and safe. A few of these include container homes, workshops, and more.

Reefer Containers: Another shipping container modification is known as reefer containers. This is where there is a built in refrigerator and is usually used to store or transport goods. Refrigerated units can be controlled at multi or dual temperature settings.

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