Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston, TX and Nationwide

Find Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston, TX & Nationwide

Advanced Container Company has been selling shipping containers for over 20 years. Our customer service and experience sets us apart from other container sales companies. We fabricate, rent, and sell 1-trip, second-hand, and new cargo-worthy shipping containers in a range of sizes and designs.

We are located in Houston and serve Texas, the Gulf Coast and around the world.

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We Sell Both New Containers
and Used Containers in Texas & Nationwide

New Shipping Container Samples

Above are new shipping container samples from our inventory of varying sizes for sale. It shows the quality and how clean new shipping containers are. We stock a large line of new steel containers ready for delivery.

Used Shipping Container Samples

These are a good representation of our used shipping containers for sale. The images show how used containers are less than perfect, but what it doesn’t show is how economical they are and how much money you can save.

Buy New Shipping Containers

Buy New One-Trip Containers

New Shipping Container Conditions

New shipping containers are also called one-trip containers because they were only used once before reaching their destination. They were manufactured, loaded with cargo, shipped and unloaded before they reach our depot.

One-trip containers are near-perfect, but have been handled in the port, being loaded and unloaded, therefore, they will have a few minor dents and scratches.

Each new container is surveyed and inspected to IICL standards.

Choose The Right New Container for Your Needs

You can count on Advanced Container Co. to assist you when purchasing a new shipping container to make sure you choose the right combination of features for your specific needs. Our inventory includes a large assortment of quality built new (1-trip) shipping containers for sale.

Shipping containers, also known as container boxes, are a hot commodity in Texas and around the world. We have many new container boxes for sale, ready to ship today.

We maintain direct relationships with the factories, so not only can we offer a competitive price, but we can control the build quality. Using our on line inspectors situated in the container factories, we specify a customer’s exact requirements and ensure they are met. We can order batches of shipping containers direct from factory and organize the positioning to your chosen location.

Advantages of Buying New Shipping Containers

Quality Reassurance: New cargo containers for sale haven’t been used before so you don’t have to worry about quality issues.
Ready to Ship: No need for lengthy and sometimes costly inspections when purchasing brand new shipping containers as they are brand new and have never been used.
Modification Ready: When you buy a new shipping container it can be easily modified. Our container modification department can custom fabricate to your exact specifications.


Buy Used Shipping Containers

Buy Used Containers

Used Containers are Available in Varying Conditions

Cargo Worthy (CW) are used, but they can be suitable for cargo transportation. They are structurally sound and wind/watertight but will have minor dents, scratches, and rust. CW containers will need a valid CSC inspection sticker for overseas shipping.

Wind & Water Tight (WWT) can no longer pass certification for cargo transportation. When they are approx. 10-20 years old and retired from overseas shipments, they can still be used for many domestic applications. They will have superficial dents, scratches, and surface rust but are in good condition, weatherproof, and structurally sound.

As Is containers are no longer wind and water tight and could have internal and external issues such as floor damage, holes, or other fixable repairs.

Choose The Right Used Container for Your Needs

When working with a budget, buying a used shipping container is the way to go.

Used containers have been transporting cargo for years therefore they will have some dents and rust but are still wind and watertight. We stock a large variety of high quality used containers that have a varying amount of damages. This is makes buying a used container so popular. We can get you the best deals on used shipping containers.

Our CW second-hand containers are guaranteed to be structurally sound and certified as suitable for shipping. Our experts inspect them thoroughly and the damages (if any) are repaired. This gives you the full confidence in knowing that these containers are ready for service.

Advantages of Buying Used Shipping Containers

Availability: Used steel storage containers are available now for purchase. One advantage of buying a used container is the convenience that it is ready for delivery as soon as you place your order.
Savings: There is a big amount of savings when investing in used shipping containers.

Are You Looking for Used Shipping Containers for Sale?

With our fast, efficient service we can deliver your shipping container directly to your warehouse, place of business, or any location of your choice. Need a modified container? You can trust us to deliver shipping container modifications as well. Advanced Container is your one-stop-shop for shipping containers. So, whether you are looking for new, used or modified shipping containers, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call and one of our knowledgeable sales staff will help find the metal shipping container you wish to purchase.


Need Specific Dimensions to Buy a Shipping Container?

We sell many different types of containers, with different dimensions. We stock 20-ft, 40-ft, 20-ft DD, 20-ft OS, and more. Check out our sizes pages to find the specs you are looking for.

Want to Buy, Then Modify?

We have a ton of shipping containers for sale in Houston, TX, ready to ship to your location, but what if they don’t meet your specific needs? Advanced Container has a full, in-house fabrication shop ready to modify any steel container to your specifications. Our highly skilled modification experts are well trained and ready to start your project to keep you on time and on budget.

A few of our mods include adding doors and windows or shelving, or we can completely customize them into a cabin, portable office or a restroom. The sky is the limit.

To showcase our abilities and the high quality of our workmanship, we have put together a container gallery that highlights some of our past projects.

We invite you to check out some of our modified containers and call us today.



We have been in business since 2000 and have over 40 years of container industry experience. We have been a leading supplier of steel shipping containers for Texas, the Gulf Coast, the U.S., and around the world. We pride ourselves on exceeding customer needs and expectations. Learn more about us here.

Standard Sizes

  • 8-ft
  • 9-ft
  • 10-ft
  • 20-ft
  • 40-ft
  • 45-ft

Double Door (DD) & Open Top (OT)

  • 20-ft
  • 40-ft

Open Side (OS)

  • 20-ft

High Cube (HC)

  • 8-ft
  • 9-ft
  • 10-ft
  • 20-ft
  • 40-ft

Reefers (Refrigerated)

  • 20-ft
  • 40-ft

Please feel free to scroll up and view or download our handy spec sheets.

There are thousands of ways to use shipping containers. In fact, there is no limit to what a shipping container can be used for. With a little creativity, they can be transformed into almost anything. Almost every industry uses them in some way including industrial, commercial, and personal uses.

  • Temporary workspace: Containers are used by businesses that need to quickly set up or break down a temporary workspace. And because they’re made from sturdy steel, they can handle the rigors of being moved and transported multiple times without any damage.
  • Storage: They can be used to store supplies, equipment, and even hazardous materials. They can also be used as temporary storage space for excess inventory or materials.
  • Transporting goods: Containers are often used to transport goods from one location to another. They can be used to store or transport items in a warehouse setting, or they can be taken on the road and used as a mobile storage unit.
  • Industrial Uses: There are many industrial applications including workshops, toolrooms, confined space training, and more. They can also be modified to be employee housing on a jobsite.
  • Container homes: Need portable and affordable housing options? Shipping containers can be modified to include basic facilities like a bed, bathroom, and kitchen, and they can be transported virtually anywhere. People use them as homes, studios, or extensions to their homes. They are also converted into barns, sheds, camp houses, and even mancaves.

Our fabrication shop will modify a container to fit your needs.

We sell containers to individuals, land owners, commercial companies, small businesses, large corporations, the government, and the military. We provide containers through a seamless and hassle-free process.

Generally speaking, no, they are all the same thing; made of Corten steel, a high-quality corrugated steel.

Shipping, cargo, storage containers, and Conex boxes are all terms that are often used interchangeably, but they describe how the container will be used.

Shipping Containers are specifically designed for transporting goods overseas or domestically.

Storage Containers are used for on-site storage solutions and are usually placed on a company’s property. They are made from sturdy materials which offer high levels of durability, security, and can withstand harsh environments and provide robust protection to your valuable items.

Additionally, they offer mobility and flexibility. Whether you’re in construction, manufacturing, agriculture, or any industry that requires storage on-site, they offer an affordable way to keep your items protected and secure.

Cargo Containers are more generally used for the transport of goods and can be used for air, sea, or land shipments.

Conex Boxes are a specific type of cargo container that originated from the US military. They are often used for military storage and transport but have since found purpose in many industries.

Finding Used Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston

Although it’s not the most glamorous topic, when it comes to used shipping containers for sale in Houston, it’s important to know what your options are. There are a variety of reasons why you may need a shipping container, from storage at your facility to a mobile office, or even a container bathroom.

No matter what your needs are, it’s important to find the right one for you. That’s why we’ve put together a few points to help you choose the right shipping container for your needs. Keep reading to learn more!

We make it Easy to Find Shipping Containers Locally or Globally

When you need a shipping container, there’s no better solution than Advanced Container Co. With a large local inventory in Houston Texas plus a global network of partnering businesses, we can supply the best container solution for any region.

Our Houston location is centrally located to ship all over Texas, the Gulf Coast and beyond.

Versatile and Easily Modified

Because mobile containers can be placed just about anywhere, and they’re easily modified, a used shipping container can be quickly transformed into an on-site office, safe storage, or even refrigerated food storage container. You can count on us for all your container modifications.

Economical for The Planet and Your Wallet

The global shipping industry demands high numbers of steel shipping containers each year. Now more than ever. When a container is finished with its life on the seas, roads, and rails it still holds the potential for further value! By purchasing or renting a used container, you can help prolong the use of existing material rather than buying a new unit— this not only give you all the benefits of a mobile container at a fraction of the cost, but recycles by extending the life of a container that would otherwise be scrapped (which would contribute to the increasing level of steel waste, and add to excess carbon emissions).

Flexibility and Longevity

Shipping containers are easily transported from our location to yours and can withstand the most harsh environments. Houston is known for long hot summers with ample humidity. But shipping containers can withstand the heat and corrosion if properly maintained.

Contact Us to Find Shipping Containers for Sale in Houston

If you are trying to find a used shipping container for sale in the Houston area, look no further. Advanced Container stocks a large assortment and if you need a special order, we can do that too. Call or fill out our contact form today for all your shipping container needs.