Shipping Container Shelving

Storage Container Shelving

Storage Container Shelving

Get the most out of your storage container by adding custom shelving. Our expert in-house fabricators will custom-build shelves to meet your specific needs.

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Customized Storage Container Shelving

Storage container shelving is one of our many modifications. We can build them out of wood, metal, or whatever suits your needs.

Custom Container Shelving Options

  • Heavy-duty shelving with adjustable brackets
  • Custom built-in wood shelves
  • Movable metal shelves
  • Pipe racks
  • Meal rack systems
  • Multilevel bookshelves
  • Wooden built-in type sheving

Other Options

  • Lockers
  • Desk units with drawers
  • File cabinets
  • and more

Where Can You Find Container Shelving?

Maximize Your Space with Customized Storage Container Shelving

The top reason shipping containers are purchased is for additional storage. Add custom shelves to get the most out of your shipping container or storage container. They will also help keep your items organized and make the most of the floor space.

Is Your Storage Container Needing Organization?

Installing shelving in a shipping container is an excellent way to get better organized because it provides a systematic and efficient approach to managing items while giving visual appeal. Items on shelves are visible and less likely to be misplaced or damaged than those stored on the floor or randomly stacked. Shelving is also typically inexpensive, meaning they’re an affordable organizing solution for most budgets.

Custom Shelving Promotes Safety

Custom shelves can help your employees stay safe by keeping the walking space clear and enabling employees to safely access stored items without the need to bend or lift too far. As well as being practical, this helps to reduce fatigue among workers and decrease the risk of injury in the workplace.

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