9-ft Container

9-ft Container

Advanced Container Co. is proud to offer superior 9-ft containers for sale across Houston, the Gulf Coast and beyond – delivering nationwide with custom modifications available for any purchase.

Our 9-ft container, while just one foot between the 8 and 10 foot, provides that extra space that you might need without being too small or too big. This container can handle a wide variety of jobs from local to industrial needs. Our containers are made to be long-lasting and weather proof. Providing a temporary office space or permanent storage room, this container will do the trick.

9′ containers are new and a special order item that can be readily available to fit your needs. Options available:

  • Standard 9-ft new (one trip)
  • 9-ft high cube (HC)
  • 9-ft customized
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9-ft Shipping Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
9'7' 3"7' 5"8' 6"6' 10"6' 9"6' 10"6' 5"
Interior Cubic Capacity: 399 ft3
Tare Weight: 2,204 lbs
Max Cargo Weight: 13,230 lbs
*Please note that all product specifications are approximate and NOT exact. Our manufacturers have slight variations, within ISO standards, to meet the product dimensions & specifications.



Buy New 9′ Containers

Order Your New (One Trip) 9′ Container Today

When it comes to shipping containers, a foot can make a big difference. We supply 9-ft containers, but they are special order and only available new (one trip). We have all types of shipping containers for sale, so contact us today.

All of our containers are made of tough steel and are corrosion resistant. Over time they will develop a layer of rust, this appearance is caused by weathering that allows the surface to form its own protective layer caused by oxidation of the surface.

9′ Shipping Containers

When you have a small amount of goods to be shipped, you may want to consider using a 9’ container. They are specially designed for endurance and are even weatherproof to keep your items safe during all seasons, temperatures, and weather events.

9’ Mobile Storage Units

9’ storage containers are handy when space is limited. They can be mobile or be placed long-term in a tight space. This with their durability and safety features makes the 9-ft container a good storage option. They are ideal for dry storage at sites in construction, mining, agricultural and oilfields. We can also add shelves or lockers. Below are a few ways you can use these storage containers:

  • Farm storage
  • General storage
  • Building site storage

9-ft Container Mods

Modifications Available

Advanced Container has an in-house fabrication shop ready to customize to your specifications. Below are just a few modifications available. Visit our mods pages here to see more.

  • Temporary or additional workspace
  • Easily accessible storage
  • Security offices
  • On-site restrooms

You will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that our storage containers are theft and vandal-proof, providing the security you need to store your supplies with the confidence of knowing that they are safe from both natural and human interference.

Container Size Options

Need of a slightly larger container? You may be interested in our most popular size, 20 foot storage containers or 40 foot containers that can accommodate your unique needs.

Contact the Container Experts

If you have any questions about the wide variety of containers we have available for sale or lease, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our team of experts are always available to ensure that you receive the storage solutions you need at a fair cost.