20 ft Shipping Container

20 ft Shipping Container is The Optimal Size

Our 20 ft shipping container is the most popular size, and is capable of handling most jobs. This 20-foot-box is strong, movable, and the most standard size for ISO shipping containers. They meet the demands of large jobs, while being practical for on the road. Our 20 foot containers can be used and modified for all purposes. Whether it's commercial or residential needs, like shipping cargo or creating a permanent retail shop, this container fits it all.

20 ft Shipping Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
19' 11"8'8' 6"19' 3"7' 9"7' 10"7' 8"7' 6"
Interior Cubic Capacity: 1,169 ft3
Tare Weight: 4,820 lbs
Max Cargo Weight: 67,200 lbs
*Please note that all product specifications are approximate and NOT exact. Our manufacturers have slight variations, within ISO standards, to meet the product dimensions and specifications.

20 ft Shipping Container

Samples of Our New and Used 20' Containers

How Much Can I Fit In a 20 ft Container?

A 20 ft long container can generally fit about 25, 28 and sometimes 37 cubic meters (cbm) worth of goods inside. Of course, this depends on the size and shape of the goods themselves. Plus, Some larger boxes don't stack as well as smaller boxes. Keep in mind also that we are talking about the inside capacity, rather than the cargo volume loadable that will be less due to air space left among the cargo packages.

What is TEU?

TEU is a common term in the shipping container industry. It stands for Twenty-foot Equivalent Unit. But remember, it's a unit not a container. The unit denotes space or capacity in equivalent to a 20 foot shipping container. It is used to determine the capacity of container vessels, throughout of terminals, etc. Think of it this way, a container ship with nominal capacity of 6000 TEU means it has enough space for 6000 container 20ft. It can also stand to reason that a 40ft container is considered 2 TEU's. There is a less common term that is sometimes used and it is 1 FEU (Forty-foot Equivalent Unit).

Rent or Buy a 20ft Shipping Container

Whether you need a short-term storage container to rent, or would like to buy a shipping container, a twenty-foot container is a good way to go. Advanced Container knows this is the most popular size, so we keep them in stock.

20-ft Container for Industrial Use
Twenty foot containers are commonly used by business for so many applications, it would be tough to list them all. They are the ideal size to fit in tight spaces but still meet most modular storage needs. They come with different door configurations and can be easily converted into mobile office spaces, rest rooms, workshops and safe storage.

20-ft Container for Personal Use
People have found some really creative ways to use twenty ft shipping containers. They have made complete multi-level storage buildings by stacking them on top of each other. It is really popular to convert them into mobile shops, bars, cafes and food trucks. And of course, tiny homes are the trend. One of the most interesting is a custom container swimming-pool.

Need A Customized Shipping Container?

Advanced Container Co has a large in-house fabrication department to add any custom feature per your specifications. Our expert fabricators can add windows, doors, even an entire mobile office. Check out our modifications page to see some of the customizations available.

Different Container Configurations Available in 20'
Advanced Container stocks a huge variety of 20ft containers with different configurations to meet anyone's needs. Options include 20' double door, 20' open top and 20' open side. We also custom fabricate containers, just let us know what you need. 

Looking for more space? Our 40' shipping container is the second most popular size and is readily available.

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