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Advanced Container Co. sells shipping containers in Beaumont, TX, in the USA, and around the world. Our services include start to finish design and execution of customized shipping containers fit to your exact needs. Our team will provide high-quality containers and services for Beaumont.

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Shipping Containers in the Golden Triangle

The trio of cities that make up the Golden Triangle in East Texas includes Beaumont, Orange, and Port Arthur. Advanced Container has supplied cargo and storage containers to this area since 2000. These easily accessible port cities make it simple to buy, rent, and customize new and used shipping containers.

Buy New or Used Cargo Containers in Beaumont, Tx

Advanced Container is your go-to source for finding high-quality new and used shipping and storage containers in Beaumont, TX. Whether you need a durable container for shipping, storage, or any other purpose, we offer a wide selection to meet your needs.

When purchasing a new shipping container from Advanced Container, you can expect only minor dings and scratches. These new containers are ideal for those who require the highest standards for storage or transport. On the other hand, used shipping containers provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on structural integrity.

Whether opting for new or used, Advanced Container offers reliable and versatile options, catering to various budgetary and operational requirements, all backed by our commitment to quality and service.

Beaumont Storage Container Sizes

As the largest city in The Golden Triangle, Beaumont provides the best options for your shipping container needs. The size options range from our most common standard 20ft and 40ft storage containers.

In The Golden Triangle, our team of experts provide a wide variety of containers with many our most popular standard 20ft and 40ft shipping containers. We also have standard high cube and refrigerated containers with different size dimensions. Any storage container size can be ordered and delivered to Beaumont when you buy or rent.

Standard Container Sizes

Optional Containers

Shipping Container Modifications in Beaumont

Our team of specialists based out of Houston can modify your storage container to your specifications for delivery to Beaumont with a short turnaround time. Our expert team has over 40 years of experience adding custom doors & windows, electrical, shelving, and more to turn a used storage container into your next home office. Call for a quote today!

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Shipping Containers in Beaumont TX

Renting Storage Containers in Beaumont

For large multi-unit projects storage rental containers are the perfect solution for your onsite construction or business. Our steel storage containers for rent are an affordable option compared to purchasing shipping or cargo containers upfront. By renting a container you will have all the advantages, with none of the hassle of selling or moving when you’re done with it in Beaumont.

Shipping/Storage Container Features

Advanced Container has used or new (1-trip) containers for sale. Their features include:

  • Long lasting, high strength, and corrosive resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Long lasting hinges and finishes
  • Secure storage
  • Easily modified
  • Straightforward delivery

Fun Facts about Beaumont, TX

  • Oil Discovery: On January 10, 1901, Spindletop Hill became the first major oil field producing over 10,000 barrels of oil, coining the Beaumont nickname “Boomtown”. This event played a crucial role in establishing the modern petroleum industry
  • Founding and Growth: Founded in 1838, the city initially relied on industries like lumber, farming, and port activities before becoming an important hub for lumber and rice milling in the late 1800.
  • Gator Country: Home to Gator Country with over 400 alligators inhibiting the local swamps. It is run by Gary Saurage, a conservationist and the star of CMT’s “Gator 911”
  • Unique Attractions: Beaumont is host to some unusual attractions, including a zombie scavenger hunt, the world’s largest working fire hydrant, drinkable pickles, and an egg beater sculpture.
  • Climate: Beaumont lies within the humid subtropical climate zone and is part of the Piney Woods region of East Texas, characterized by its lush forests
  • Petrochemical Hub: Beaumont is part of the larger Golden Triangle industrial area, which includes Port Arthur and Orange. This region is known for its significant concentration of petrochemical refineries and facilities.
  • Port of Beaumont: The Port of Beaumont is one of the busiest ports in the United States by tonnage. It serves as a major gateway for the import and export of various goods, contributing significantly to the local economy.
  • Chemical Production: Beaumont is home to several large chemical manufacturing plants. Companies like ExxonMobil operate significant facilities in the area, producing chemicals and refining petroleum products.
  • The Beaumont Rice Mill was the first commercial rice mill in Texas and is still operating today.


Oil and Gas: Beaumont  is a significant hub for the petrochemical industry, with numerous refineries and chemical plants. These companies greatly benefit from using shipping and storage containers due to their versatility, durability, and security. Storage containers provide a reliable solution for storing valuable equipment, tools, and sensitive materials on-site, thus ensuring everything is protected from harsh environmental conditions and potential theft.

Shipping containers can be easily converted into mobile offices or living quarters for workers, providing functional and comfortable spaces in remote locations. Their portability also allows for seamless transportation of equipment and supplies between job sites, enhancing operational efficiency and reducing logistical challenges. 

Agriculture: Many farmers use shipping containers to store farming equipment, tools, and supplies, protecting them from the elements and potential theft. They are also used to store harvested crops, ensuring they remain safe and dry until they can be transported or sold. Some innovative farmers even repurpose containers into hydroponic growing systems, enabling year-round crop production regardless of external weather conditions.

Port and Maritime: The Port of Beaumont uses shipping and storage containers to support international trade. These containers are fundamental for efficiently packing, transporting, and storing a wide array of goods, ranging from raw materials to finished products. By using standardized containers, the port ensures seamless and secure loading and unloading processes across various modes of transport, including ships, trucks, and trains. This standardization reduces handling time and minimizes the risk of damage or loss during transit.

Additionally, the port uses storage containers as temporary holding facilities, keeping cargo safe while it awaits further transportation or inspection. They are easily stacked and organized, maximizing the use of available space within the port. The versatility and durability also makes them ideal for creating temporary structures such as offices, equipment storage, or even customs checkpoints directly on the port grounds.

Construction: Beaumont, Texas, has seen significant growth in recent years, driven by its thriving industries and strategic location. As the city expands, construction companies are increasingly using shipping and storage containers to serve as secure on-site storage for tools, materials, and equipment, ensuring that essential supplies are protected from theft and weather damage. Additionally, they can be quickly transformed into mobile offices or temporary housing for workers, providing convenient and cost-effective solutions on construction sites.

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