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Find Shipping and Storage Containers in All Areas of Texas

If you need to find shipping containers in the Lone Star State you have come to the right place. Our Texas based shipping container yard and fabrication shop is located in Houston. We offer the best products and have inventory available in different conditions and sizes.

Rent or Buy a Shipping Containers in Texas

Advanced Container Company has been providing the high-quality shipping container services in Texas since 2000. We are located in Texas, but we also sell shipping containers all over the United States and around the world. There are many sizes to choose from, but 20’ and 40’ are the most abundant.

Buy New or Used Containers in Texas

We sell used or new (1-trip) containers for sale. Their features include:

  • Long lasting, high strength, and corrosive resistance
  • Weather resistant
  • Long lasting hinges and finishes
  • Secure storage
  • Easily modified
  • Straightforward delivery

Texas Storage Container Sizes

Container size options range from our most common standard 20ft and 40ft storage containers.

Standard Container Sizes

Optional Containers:

Texas Modification Specialists

We specialize in shipping container modifications. Our in-house fabrication shop routinely provides common custom services such as adding windows, doors, A/C units and more.

Fun Facts about Texas

  • Texas was an independent country for ten years
  • Texas is the same size as France and Germany put together
  • The Texas flag was designed in 1839 and the designer is unknown
  • In 1885, Dr. Pepper was invented here
  • Texas is home to the largest known bat colony
  • One town rescheduled Halloween because it conflicted with a football game
  • The word “Texas” means “friends”

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Top Service Areas for Shipping Containers in Texas

Amarillo, Arlington, Austin, Baytown, Beaumont, Brownsville, Corpus Christi, Dallas, El Paso, Fort Worth, Garland, Grand Prairie, Houston, Irving, Laredo, Lubbock, Orange, Pasadena, Plano, Port Arthur, Round Rock, & San Antonio.

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