Shipping Container Modification

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Advanced Container Co. provides custom shipping containers to clients of every industry throughout the world, with complete service from design to fabrication. Our shipping container modification team will work side-by-side with you to develop customized solutions that fit your specific needs and your budget.

Our attention to detail and client focus sets us apart from the rest.

In-House Shipping Container Modifications

From doors and windows to plumbing and electrical, we have over 40 years of experience modifying and customizing steel shipping containers for every application imaginable. Our fabrication experts have modified cargo containers for offshore and marine applications, hazardous material applications, mobile training applications, specialized shipping applications and much more.

Climate control, HVAC, restrooms, water heaters — we can turn your shipping container into the ideal environment that suits your purposes. With marine-grade paint, sand blasting and decal services, we can ensure the exterior of your container represents your company in a professional manner while protecting it against the elements. And with a vast selection of materials, fixtures and other customizable options, there’s no limit to your design possibilities.

Take a look below at just some of the options available for your custom shipping containers and contact us today to discuss your own design!

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Standard Modification Possibilities

Standard Exterior Conversions

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Marine Grade Paint

Surface Protection

  • Sand Blasting
  • Marine-grade Paint
  • Decals
  • Standard Paint
  • Multi-colored Options
  • Many Colors Available

Custom Doors


  • Man Doors
  • Marine Grade Doors
  • Roll-up Doors
  • Emergency Hatches
  • Standard Door with Frame
  • Dual cargo doors



  • Standard Windows
  • Marine Grade Windows
  • Safety Glass Windows
  • Burglar Bars for Protection
  • Window with Mini-blinds
  • Double Pane Windows



  • Lockable Panels
  • Steel Bars & Lock Boxes
  • Lockable Steel Panels
  • Burglar Bars on Windows & Doors
  • Lever Handle with Deadbolt
  • Alarms & Outdoor Lighting

Standard Interior Conversions

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Wood Paneled Flooring


  • Commercial Grade Tile
  • Rubber Non-Slip Matting
  • FRP (Fiberglass Grating)
  • Commercial Carpet Tile
  • Custom Ramps for Easy Access
walls, shipping container modification

Wood Paneled Walls


  • Wood Paneling
  • FRP (Resin Fiberglass Paneling)
  • Aluminum
  • Sheetrock
  • Insulated Walls


Electrical and Lighting

  • Standard Electrical
  • Fluorescent Lighting
  • Standard Receptacles
  • Marine Grade Electrical & Lighting
  • Hazardous Area Electrical


Shelving and Desks

  • Custom Shelving & Desks
  • Aluminum Shelving
  • Stainless Steel Shelving
  • Wood Shelves & Desk Units
  • Pre-fabricated Units

Whole Container Conversions

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Portable Workshops


  • A/C & Heating
  • Tool Storage
  • Shelves & Racks
  • Custom Workbenches
  • Partition walls

Container Offices

Mobile Office Space

  • Doors & Windows
  • Sheetrock & Paint
  • Desks
  • Shelving
  • Air Conditioning

Confined Space Training

Mobile Confined Space Training

  • Man Hole Door
  • Railings
  • Ladders
  • Lighting & Cameras
  • Air Conditioning & Heating


Mobile Restrooms

  • Private Stalls
  • Mirrors, Cabinets & Sinks
  • Showers
  • Special Lighting
  • A/C, HVAC

Custom Offshore Container

Offshore Containers

  • Safety Features
  • Secure Storage
  • Benches & Shelves
  • Safety Elelctrical & Lighting
  • Structural Modifications

Container Homes

Container Homes

  • Complete Living Spaces
  • Lofts
  • Living Rooms & Bedrooms
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Outside Decking & more

Container Cabins

Container Hunting Cabins

  • Exterior Camo Paint
  • Insulation & HVAC
  • Living Areas & Bunks
  • Kitchens & Bathrooms
  • Decking & Rooftop Deer Blind
container mods


Lifting Equipment

  • Pad-Eyes/Recessed Pad-Eyes
  • Certified Slings
  • Load Testing
  • Mag Particle Inspection
  • Non-Destructive Test
Mobile Pumping Station Container

Mobile Pumping Station

Mobile Pumping Station

  • Man door
  • Roll-up doors
  • Custom tool compartments
  • Shelving & Security Locks

Climate Controlled Modifications

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Temperature Controlled

Air Conditioning

  • Standard Wall Mount Air Conditioner
  • Standard Window Mount
  • Complete HVAC Systems
  • A/C (available in our restroom containers)
Louvered Vent



  • Stationary Louvers
  • Ventilation Fans
  • Louvers/Vents
  • Turbine Vents

Reefer Container

Refrigeration Units

  • Aka Reefer Containers
  • Variable Temperature Settings
  • Multi-temperature
  • Dual Temperature Setting

Custom Shipping Containers

With a wide selection of shipping container types of different dimensions on premises at all times, we’re able to begin work immediately on customizing your storage container and ensure the fastest turnaround possible.

Advanced Container Co. can supply your custom shipping containers here locally, in Houston Texas, or around the world, then ship it to your location.

Modifications are Our Specialty

Below are links to customized containers Advanced Container fabricated to our customers specs. We take great pride in modifying steel containers to fit our clients needs and giving our clients the best possible products for the best possible price.

Still Don’t See the Modification You Need?

There are infinite possibilities when customizing shipping containers. If you don’t see the modification you are looking for, let us know. Our fabrication department is highly skilled and available to create the perfect modular unit you need.

Check out a couple of our steel shipping container modifications, then fill out our contact form to see how we can assist you with your next project.


Buy it, and Modify it

Our steel container yard is stocked with a huge amount of shipping containers for sale to choose from. Once you pick the right size, we will modify to your exact specifications.

Sizes Available

We understand that one size does not fit all. That’s why we stock and fabricate a wide range of containers of varying sizes. Our best sellers are the 20-ft and 40-ft, plus we have high cube, double door, and open side options.

Mods Gallery of Images

As a company that specializes in modifying shipping containers, we take great pride in our work. To showcase our abilities and the high quality of our workmanship, we have put together an impressive gallery of images that highlights some of our past projects. We invite you to explore our gallery and see for yourself the unique and innovative designs that we have brought to life through our craftsmanship.

Contact us to learn more.