Mobile Confined Space Training Container Modifications

Mobile Confined Space Training Container


Custom Built Mobile Confined Space Training Container

Confined space training containers are designed to simulate the conditions of actual confined spaces, so that you can experience what it feels like in a real life situation. Our portable containers that are customized for confined spaces can be built for task specific jobs based on your needs. Modifications include railing, ladders, and much more. These confined space containers can be used as a complete training centers.

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Mobile Confined Space Training Container

A confined space is any space that is not intended for continuous human occupancy and has limited or restricted means for entry or exit. Many industrial workplace environments contain confined spaces, such as storage tanks, manholes, pits, silos, vats, and pipes. Employees who work in confined spaces face the risk of serious injury or death due to hazardous atmospheres, entrapment, or engulfment. As a result, employers must take steps to protect workers by providing them with safe entry procedures and proper training.

One type of training that can be used to educate workers about confined spaces is called a confined space training container. These containers are specially designed to simulate real-life confined space environments. They can be used to teach workers about the dangers of confined spaces and how to safely enter and exit them. Confined space training containers can also be used to provide hands-on experience in identifying and responding to hazards. By using these containers, employers can provide their employees with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely in confined spaces.

Mobile Confined Space Training Container Options

  • Escape hatches (man hole doors)
  • Rooftop deck with slip-resistant grating
  • Railings that can be removed for transit
  • Safety ladder
  • Night vision cameras and monitoring station
  • Lighting & emergency lighting
  • Wall partitions
  • Interior blackout paint
  • Exterior custom paint
  • HVAC

Industries That Benefit from Confined Space Training

When dangerous on-the-job training is necessary, shipping containers are a great way to get the experience that is needed. It benefits mining, construction, and emergency services to undergo simulated training in confined spaces.


Confined space training is a vital aspect of learning for any firefighter, as it prepares them for the unique challenges they may face while saving lives in narrow or constricted spaces. Navigating small spaces with their heavy fireproof gear can be a challenge. They need a safe and realistic environment to train in.

Shipping containers fabricated into small spaces are designed to simulate different scenarios, such as entering through small openings, descending, and ascending through tight passages, and working in confined spaces with no visibility. By providing a controlled situation for skill development, firefighters can learn to navigate and overcome obstacles, ensuring that they are prepared to handle emergencies that require them to work in limited spaces.


Mining operations require workers to enter small, enclosed spaces that can present multiple hazards, such as lack of oxygen, toxic gases, or even explosions. Ensuring that the workforce is properly trained to detect and manage these risks is crucial. The mobile containers offer realistic simulations of confined spaces that allow trainees to experience hazardous scenarios without putting themselves in danger. These containers are designed to be transportable, efficient, and customizable according to the specific needs of each mine.

Confined Space Simulation Training Containers

Advanced Container Co has been supplying and modifying shipping containers for over 35 years. These projects were to create a mobile confined space training units out of our shipping containers.

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