Shipping Container Restrooms

Mobile Steel Shipping Container Restrooms

Advanced Container Co. stocks a large amount of shipping containers, and we fabricate them to our clients’ specs. We can modify your steel shipping container restroom to be climate controlled to combat harsh environments. Our in-house modification experts can install any feature you need.

We accommodate male, female, and unisex modular bathroom options. Our container restrooms are set up with all the necessary plumbing ready to connect to the external plumbing source and all the necessary electrical fittings.


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Shipping Container Restrooms

Steel container restrooms are available with sinks, mirrors, stalls, water heaters, AC units, extra ventilation, in addition to toilets, urinals, and more. These features provide a fully functional bathroom in a portable shipping container. Any location will work for this on-the-go restroom. All restrooms are customizable to meet your needs.

Increase Productivity on Your Jobsite

For many jobsites, having access to a clean and well-stocked restroom is essential for maintaining a high level of productivity. However, traditional construction site restrooms can be cramped, dirty, and often lack the necessary supplies.

Onsite personal hygiene stations are a necessity to keep employees sanitary.

Shipping container restrooms offer a convenient and cost-effective solution to this problem. These units are spacious, clean, and come equipped with all the amenities that workers need, including toilets, sinks, and mirrors. They can also be easily customized to meet the specific needs of your jobsite. With container restrooms, you can provide your workers with the clean and comfortable facilities they need to stay productive throughout the day.

Container Bathrooms Save Money

The portable bathroom industry has several options; some are more sanitary and safer than others. Container bathrooms have slip resistant flooring and easy to clean walls and floors which enables deep cleaning. Motion activated vent fans and LED lighting save energy and cost.

Bottom line is that employees appreciate clean, safe bathroom on industrial jobsites.

Choose the Right Size for Your Container Bathroom

A shipping container restroom is a great option for many circumstances. They are durable, weather resistant and can be customized to meet the needs of any project. But what is the best size for a shipping container bathroom?

The answer depends on a number of variables:

  • The size of the area where the bathroom will be placed.
  • The number of people who will need to use the bathroom at one time.
  • The number of items that are needed like sinks, a hot water heater, etc.
  • Separate areas for male and female privacy.

The key is to ensure that there is enough space for individuals to use the restroom facilities without feeling cramped.

Our 20-ft containers are great for midsized modular bathrooms. When more space is needed our 40-ft containers can fit more separated private areas, or rooms. For more headroom our high cube options are 20-ft HC and 40-ft HC.

Mobile Container Restroom Options

Below is a short list of possibilities for your custom portable container restroom:

  • 3-foot personal door
  • Wide personal door with a ramp
  • Exterior security light near personal door
  • Private stalls
  • Propane water heater
  • Mirrors and cabinets
  • Sink vanities with mirrors
  • Lockable storage lockers, dressing area, and a bench
  • Toilets and urinals
  • Showers
  • Ventilation
  • Sinks with hot and cold water
  • Air conditioning, vent fans and odor control
  • Shelving or storage
  • Separate areas for privacy
  • And more…

Where Can You Find Shipping Container Bathrooms?

  • Job site restroom
  • Construction sites
  • Laundry stations
  • Emergency response areas
  • Parks and campgrounds
  • Construction site restroom
  • Ball field bathrooms
  • Outdoor events, festivals, and concerts
  • Mobile oil field restroom
  • Retail park bathroom
  • Power plants and refineries
  • And more…

Modular Restroom Construction

We are the best option when you need modular restroom construction. Our in-house fabrication department will build out any feature you need.

While shipping container restrooms may seem like a novel idea, they are actually very cost effective and can be customized to fit many different needs. If you’re interested in learning more about this fabrication option, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to provide you with additional information and answer any questions you may have.

Advanced Container Co is located in Houston, Texas and can take any standard cargo container and fabricate it to your application. Click the button below for mod ideas or contact us today to order your container restroom.