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Depot Services to Keep You Moving

Shipping containers are our business. Quality service is our hallmark. Customer satisfaction is our promise. Whether you need to purchase, store, repair, or refurbish shipping containers, we’ve got everything you need. Advanced Container is a global supplier of container depot services. We offer brand new, cargo-worthy and top quality, second-hand shipping containers in a range of sizes and designs.

Advanced Container: Quality Containers. Excellent Service. Unbeatable Results.

While shipping containers come in a variety of designs, 95% are what’s called dry van containers and are used to carry general freight. Other shipping container varieties include refrigerated and special containers. Refrigerated containers are designed to transport deep frozen or chilled cargo. Special containers are specifically designed for their particular cargo.

No matter the type, all shipping containers must conform to international standards such as ISO, UIC, TIR, and CSC. Don’t worry, at Advanced Container Company, we know what all those letters stand for and can advise you on the right type of container for your specific needs. We do more than sell containers. We offer a variety of container depot services, including the following:


Our depot services include the repairs below:

Repairing container floors
Leveling walls and doors
Replacing doors or fitting new rubber door gasket
Patching container holes / filling cracks
Refrigerated container service and maintenance
Repairing door bars and locking handles
Welding patches
Replacing security locks or welding new lock boxes
Cross member repair
Replacing timber flooring

Our Houston facility is equipped to fully repair shipping containers. We make the highest quality, necessary repairs to your existing shipping container and restore it to full usefulness. We provide simple repairs like patching holes, as well as in-depth repairs, here are some examples:


When your container is not in use, we store it safely and securely in our depot. You can rest assured knowing your equipment is safe from theft, damage, and weather.


At Advanced Container Co, we’ll also thoroughly clean and restore your container at your request. You’ll get comprehensive cleaning inside and out resulting in a ready-for-use container.


Our maintenance and repair services are the best around. We meet or exceed every industry standard and employ the most highly trained, experienced team in Houston.
From front desk to depot to payment to final delivery, we work hard to provide a 360° customer experience. 

The Advanced Container team is made up of industry professionals who focus on more than your container – we focus on YOU. Our technicians bring more than experience to the table. Our staff also brings a wealth of knowledge, decades of skill and expertise, and an eye for detail that means you get the best possible result every time. Need container redistribution services? We offer those, too.


Need Specific Dimensions to Buy a Shipping Container?

We sell all types of containers with different dimensions. While we know 20' are the most popular, we sell a lot of other sizes too. Check out our shipping container sizes page to find the specs you are looking for.

Advanced Container Repair Solutions

Fleet management, maintenance, redistribution, and hands-on service are only part of what you’ll love about Advanced Container. What repair service do you need? We offer a variety of shipping container repairs like, chassis and trailer overhauls, thorough container inspections, and no-obligation estimates. The repair and storage estimates we provide are accurate, competitive, and affordable. We feature the latest, most time-conscious and cost-effective industry technology and high-tech hardware and diagnostic tools available.

When you’re ready for container services, storage and repair, and an outstanding customer experience, call Advanced Containers at (713) 670-8801. Our container solutions help you operate smarter, store safely, and freight with confidence. Contact us any time for a no-obligation quote. Call us today to experience the Advanced Container Guarantee: Quality Containers. Excellent Service. Unbeatable Results.
We serve clients throughout the United States and worldwide. We are based in Houston, Texas therefore we also serve cities in Texas such as Galveston, Alvin, Baytown, Corpus Christi, Orange, Port Arthur, League City, Deer Park, Pasadena, La Porte, Missouri City, Texas City, Friendswood, The Woodlands, Hempstead. Conroe, Huntsville, Dickinson, El Paso, Piano, Richmond, Rosenburg, Brownsville, Humble, Katy, Tomball, Austin, Round Rock, College Station, Victoria, Dallas, Arlington, Frisco, San Antonio, Lubbock, Beaumont, and many more

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