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40-FT Shipping Container

Advanced Container Co. is a leading supplier of 40-ft shipping containers in Houston, TX, the Gulf Coast, and all over the United States. We stock a large variety of options to choose from, and we can modify them to your requirements. Our customer service and attention to detail are what sets us apart.

We specialize in modifying 40-ft containers to meet our customer’s specific needs. We can add any standard item like doors and windows, electrical, extra ventilation, or shelving. We also provide whole container conversions like workshops, restrooms, offices, cabins, and even container homes. The variations are limited only to your imagination.

20-ft and 40-ft shipping containers are the most widely used and are always in stock. Contact us today to see the best size for your project. 40′ available options:

  • Standard 40-ft new (one trip)
  • Standard 40-ft cargo worthy (CW)
  • Standard 40-ft wind & water tight (WWT)
  • Standard 40-ft used (as is)
  • Standard 40-ft refurbished
  • 40-ft double door (DD)
  • 40-ft open top (OT)
  • 40-ft high cube (HC)
  • 40-ft refrigerated (Reefer)
  • 40-ft HC refrigerated (Reefer)
  • 40-ft customized
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40-ft Shipping Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
40'8' 8' 6"39' 6"7' 9"7' 10"7' 8"7' 6"
Interior Cubic Capacity: 2,385 ft3
Tare Weight: 7,825 lbs NEW & 8,380 lbs USED
Max Cargo Weight: 67,200 lbs NEW & 66,139 lbs USED
*Please note that all product specifications are approximate and NOT exact. Our manufacturers have slight variations, within ISO standards, to meet the product dimensions & specifications.



Buy Used or New 40′ Containers

Equipped with more than 300 square feet of usable space in the interior, this 40′ steel shipping container is rugged and sturdy, and will keep your objects safe during storage or shipping. It is the optimal size for commercial use, secure storage and a big enough size for overseas shipping.

40-ft containers are one of our larger shipping containers, and the dimensions are qualified for over-sized portable storage. These specifications are standard for large shipping boxes.

Below are samples of how used and new containers look in comparison. We invite you to come visit our facility or call us to see our large, diverse stock.


For easy stacking, containers have standard external sizes. The standard dimensions of a 40’ shipping container measures externally 40’ long, 8’ wide, and 8’-6” high. Internally, this container measures 39’-6” long, 7’-9” wide, and 7’-10” high. The material thickness causes the difference in size from external to internal measurements. The measurements can vary depending on material of the flooring used if modified from our standard shipping containers. The door frame dimensions are 7’-8” wide by 7’-6” high.

The internal storage capacity of a 20’ is 2,385 cubic feet – twice as big as the 20’ container.

There are 3 relevant weights to consider which are painted on the outside of the container doors.

The container tare weight is the weight of the container without any contents. 40’ containers weigh approximately 7,825 pounds new & 8,380 pounds used.

The container gross weight is the weight of the container + the maximum payload it can hold. In other words, the maximum total weight of the container. The maximum cargo weight is 67,200 pounds new & 66,139 pounds used.

The payload (net weight) is the weight of the cargo or contents that a container can hold. The maximum cargo weight is 67,200 pounds.

Yes. Our containers are available for rent and purchase. For long-term or multi-unit projects call for availability.

Yes, we can arrange for the delivery of your new or used shipping container. We will work with you to find a delivery method that suits your needs and timeframe. Simply contact us with your exact delivery location and we will provide a quote.

Yes. Please contact us if you able to pick up the container yourself.

Monthly inspections of your container will extend the lifespan of your shipping and storage container.
Start from the outside, checking the structure for dents, chipped paint, debris, rust, leaks. Small repairs like weather stripping and calk are a simple fix. Keep the door hinges and locking bars adequately lubricated. Before you put anything inside the container, ensure the contents are dry and moisture free to reduce moisture build up inside your container. For more maintenance info check out our blog post on shipping container maintenance.

Yes, 40’ shipping containers are often converted for uses other than shipping and basic secure storage. Our modification and gallery pages show some of the ways we can modify your container to fit your needs.

40ft Shipping Container

The 20′ and 40′ containers are the two most popular sizes. This makes them the standard sizes and the bestselling. The corrugated steel 40’ ocean cargo container is the larger of the two ISO general purpose/dry freight containers.

Because the 40-foot is considerably longer, you have the option of dividing the container up into multiple rooms which you cannot do with the smaller 20-foot containers.

Rent or Buy a 40-ft Shipping Container

When considering renting or buying, there are several benefits, like versatility, strength, and durability. Below are some differences:

Rent a 40’ container when you need a short-term solution and would like to stay within a budget, and would like less hassle when you are done with it. Our rental services are available for larger projects.

Buy a 40’ container when you have a long project, have plenty of room to store it, or would like to customize it for a specific use.

40-ft Modifications & Configurations

40-foot Conex Container Modifications

The forty-foot Conex box is also a great choice for most modified container jobs.

Our full fabrication shop is equipped with all the necessary tools to make any modifications you need. You can trust Advanced Container Co to build out special inside locking doors, add air conditioning, install simple shelving, the possibilities are endless.

The 40-foot Conex container can be transformed into extra work space, outdoor living areas, or even portable classrooms. These containers are weatherproof and suitable for custom modifications. The bigger the container, the bigger the amount of possibilities.

Samples of 40′ Modified Containers

Container Configurations are Available in 40′

Advanced Container stocks a large variety of 40′ containers with different configurations to meet anyone’s needs.

Options include but aren’t limited to, 40′ double door, 40′ open top, 40′ high cube, and 40′ refrigerated container.

Samples of Different Configurations of 40′

To find out more, contact or call us today.

Container Mods Gallery


40-ft Containers for Industrial Use

40-ft shipping and storage containers are pivotal assets for industrial businesses such as secure storage for raw materials, tools, and equipment which ensurs valuable assets are protected from harsh environments and theft. Additionally, their substantial size allows for efficient transportation of large amounts of goods, making them integral to supply chain operations.

Many industries repurpose 40-ft containers into mobile workshops, temporary offices, or even modular buildings, providing flexible and scalable infrastructure solutions that can be easily relocated or expanded as business demands evolve.

Below is a short list of uses for different 40-ft containers:

Industrial Applications

  • Tool cribs or parts storage
  • Machine rooms, control rooms or offices

Commercial Uses

  • Temporary or permanent office spaces
  • Mobile workshops
  • Restrooms or locker rooms

Disaster Relief From Hurricanes and Storms

  • Emergency shelters or temporary housing
  • Distribution centers
  • Temporary storage

Storage Solutions

  • Warehousing for goods and supplies
  • Secure storage for construction sites
  • Seasonal inventory storage for businesses


  • Shipping goods locally or internationally
  • Transporting large equipment and machinery

Event and Recreational Uses

  • Fireworks stands
  • Event booths or kiosks
  • Mobile stages or performance areas
  • Temporary restrooms or changing rooms at events

Agricultural Uses

  • Hydroponic farming systems
  • Storage for farming equipment and supplies
  • Livestock shelters or feed storage

Educational and Training Facilities

  • Classrooms or training centers
  • Laboratories or research facilities