6 Signs You Need Shipping Container Maintenance

6 Signs You Need Shipping Container Maintenance

6 Signs You Need Shipping Container Maintenance

High-quality shipping containers are durable and trustworthy, and virtually maintenance-free. But, even the best steel containers can show signs of wear and tear if left unchecked for too long. If you notice any of the following warning signs, it may be time to schedule some maintenance. When containers are properly maintained, they can be used for up to 20 years or more!

Read below for the warning signs you need shipping container maintenance.

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1. Peeling Paint

The paint job of your shipping container is more than just for aesthetics. It also acts as a weatherproof seal. In line with the first sign of maintenance, noticing peeling paint is a preemptive strike against expensive repairs and replacement.

Water, salt, gas, and environmental debris can seep through to the interior of the container as well as attach to the metal of the container. this can lead to rust and irreparable damage. Regular shipping container maintenance is crucial to the longevity of your product.

2. Rust and Mold

Rust is the beginning signs of deterioration. If left unchecked, the spread can alter your shipping container’s ability to stay in form which eventually leads to collapse.

Interior rust is a sign of weathering, which means water has somehow entered the container. Eroded and corroded metal, which your shipping container is made of, is harmful to the safety of the items held within as well as its own structure.

Climate-controlled shipping containers should never have mold or rust. If either is found, the system needs to be cleaned immediately as well as having its temperature control unit inspected for repairs.

One of the more common reasons for this is failing to replace the air filter. It can allow moisture to remain inside the shipping container, providing a perfect home for mold. Regular inspections of the HVAC system should be preformed following the manufactures guidelines.

Rust and mold are the biggest signs that you need shipping container maintenance.

3. Container Roof Maintenance

The roof of a shipping container is very important and can be a weak spot if it’s not treated correctly. Below are best practices for maintaining a safe sturdy roof.

We recommend regular inspections of the roof for debris, ice, snow and standing water. These items need to be removed immediately.

Do not put too much weight on the actual part of the roof. But the corner posts have stability, that’s why shipping containers are often stacked on top of each other.

To prolong the life of your shipping container, repair all dents in the roof immediately. Dents can collect dust and moisture which will lead to rust. After repairing any dent the area should be treated with specialized paint and sealant.

Keep an eye out for sagging in the roof. If this happens there is little that can be done to repair it.

4. Floors are a Sign of an Unlevel Surface

A sign that your shipping container needs maintenance is an irregular, uneven or buckling floor. It is imperative to store your structure on a level surface. If steel storage containers are placed in one spot long term, and not on a hard surface, the ground can settle. This can cause bending and can weaken the whole structure. If settling occurs re-leveling will be necessary.

5. Doors and Windows

One of our most popular modifications is adding doors and windows. Plus, all shipping containers have standard doors with hinges and locking bars. It is good to have regular Inspections for dust and dirt to prevent future rust. If your container doors or windows become difficult to open and close they may need lubricant or to be re-leveled.

6. Damaged Gaskets and Hinges

The purpose of gaskets surrounding openings of any product, including shipping containers, is to prevent fluids from seeping through. With constant use, though, gaskets wear down. You can even unknowingly trap liquids between its folds, allowing it to enter the container and cause potential damage.

Hinges, too, wear down with use. Repeatedly scraping and scratching the paint can lead to rust and damage to the doors. Debris can also get stuck between hinges, causing further damage.

If you hear, see, or feel a difference in the hinges or gaskets, then it’s a sign you need shipping container maintenance.

Shipping Container Maintenance Checklist

Monthly, or semi-monthly inspections can help prolong the life of your shipping and storage container.

  1. Inspect the entire outside structure for dents, chipped paint, debris, and anything else that causes rust.
  2. Inspect around all openings for rust or leakage. Repair any weather stripping or calk.
  3. If you have any type of HVAC, change the filter and preform manufactures maintenance.
  4. Ensure stored goods inside the unit are distributed somewhat evenly.
  5. Be sure the structure is still level.

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