20 ft Open Side Container

20-ft Open Side Container

20-ft Open Side Container

Brought to you in our most popular size, this 20-ft open side container gives the added accessibility to open an entire sidewall of the container. The unique point of access allows for long materials such as pipes and lumber to be easily loaded from the side and sat next to each other, leaving all stored items open and available for convenient retrieval. No more shuffling cargo around or unloading other blocking items first, the side door allows easy forklift access from all angles for added efficiency and performance.

Advanced Container regulary stocks new 20′-OS containers as well as many other configurations found below:

  • Standard 20-ft new (one trip)
  • Standard 20-ft cargo worthy (CW)
  • Standard 20-ft wind & water tight (WWT)
  • Standard 20-ft used (as is)
  • Standard 20-ft refurbished
  • 20-ft double door (DD)
  • 20-ft open top (OT)
  • 20-ft high cube (HC)
  • 20-ft open side (OS)
  • 20-ft refrigerated (Reefer)
  • 20-ft HC refrigerated (Reefer)
  • 20-ft customized
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20-ft Open Side Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
19' 11"8'8' 6"19' 3"7' 6"7' 6"7' 8"7' 2"
Interior Cubic Capacity: 1,093 ft3
Tare Weight: 6,720 lbs
Max Cargo Weight: 67,200 lbs
*Please note that all product specifications are approximate and NOT exact. Our manufacturers have slight variations, within ISO standards, to meet the product dimensions & specifications.



20′ Open Side Storage Container

Samples of Our New 20′ Open Side Stroage Containers

20-ft Open Side Shipping Containers

20-ft Open Side Item Description

These are the most common and smallest sized open sided storage container available is the 20′ unit (20’OS). The side doors open in ~5′ sections until the entire side of the 20′ unit is open. You can choose to open, 5′, 10′, 15′ or the full 20′ side section.

All of Advanced Container Company’s 20′ full side open storage containers offer the following features:

  • Steel construction
  • Full side opens floor to ceiling
  • Easy to open door handle
  • Secure and watertight
  • Portable
  • Compact enough to fit in a standard parking space
  • Manufactured to ISO specs
  • Custom modifications
  • Available for delivery

Just like our standard containers, our 20-ft open side option is watertight and fully lockable and sealable, equipping you with the additional vertical storage that will keep goods secure and safe. With full ground level access and hefty steel construction, our 20-ft open side cargo container is perfect for any temporary or permanent storage needs.

Our 20-ft side opening containers aren’t just for storage and transportation. There are thousands of ways we can modify your investment to suit a variety of applications.

20′-OS Advantages

These sturdy steel open side containers have the following advantages:

Loading and unloading with ease: The equipped side opening doors allow for effortless access by pallet trucks and forklifts making packing and unpacking a breeze. With access from the side, organization of goods and optimization of space are made fast and easy.

Superior access to stored goods: Regardless of the location of the item within the container, retrieval is made simple. The side door design allows for easy access to cargo on all sides of the container. Removal of obstructing items is no longer needed to access a particular section of the container; The section of goods you need is only a door away.

Large Cargo? No problem: Our side access containers allow sufficient room for the more sizeable items that often wouldn’t fit through a standard steel container doors.

20-ft Open Side Container Mods

Container Modifications / Fabrication Experts

Our container modification experts are ready to customize to exacting standards. Below are a few ideas of what can be done with a 20-ft open side shipping/storage container:

  • Storage of long materials
  • Display case for art
  • Extra car garage with easy side entry
  • Workout gym


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Steel Containers have many names, but they are all referring to the same thing. Whether you’re looking for a secure storage solution or a unique structure to use as an office, steel containers can be customized to fit your needs. With their sturdy construction and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, steel containers offer a reliable way to protect your belongings or create a one-of-a-kind living or workspace. No matter what you call them, steel containers are an excellent investment for anyone looking for a durable and versatile structure.

20′ Open Side Availability

Do you need an open side new container (1-trip) or used? Either way, we are your best solution for all your shipping container needs.

Advanced Container Co has a huge stock of shipping containers. Our 20 ft open sided container is a great storage option when you need easy access.

If what you are looking for is easy access, this container is for you. Adding a convenient point of entry to our standard 20-ft storage container, this container is perfect for any storage and customized container needs.

No matter what type of steel container you need, Advanced Container Co can help find the solution to meet your needs and budget!