8-ft High Cube Container

8-ft High Cube Container

Advanced Container Co. is the go-to for 8-ft high cube containers for sale throughout Houston, Texas, The Gulf Coast area, and beyond! We provide superior quality products that can be customized to meet your unique needs – all from one trusted source.

Our smallest high cube is perfect for local jobs that need an extra foot of room vertically. Our 8-ft high cube shipping container is under ISO regulations and good to transport location to location. The high cube feature is a reliable option if you are worried about items not fitting vertically and not being able to lay horizontally if they don’t fit. The high cube dimensions take care of that extra foot of space, while still being affordable, realistic, and just as durable.

8′ containers are always new (1-trip) and a special order item, but can be readily available. Options available:

  • Standard 8-ft new (one trip)
  • 8-ft high cube (HC)
  • 8-ft customized
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8-ft High Cube Container Dimensions

ExteriorInteriorDoor Opening
8'6' 7"7' 4"7' 6"6' 3"6' 8"6' 3"6' 4"
Interior Cubic Capacity: 318 ft3
Tare Weight: 1,940 lbs
Max Cargo Weight: 11,020 lbs
*Please note that all product specifications are approximate and NOT exact. Our manufacturers have slight variations, within ISO standards, to meet the product dimensions & specifications.



Rent or Buy 8′ High Cube Containers

8′ high cube containers can be available for renting but usually they are purchased so they can be customized to your business needs.

In general, our smaller shipping containers can be difficult to come by in this day and age. So, if your space is limited and you need this size, please expect more lead time.

8’ HC Container Advantages

There are several advantages of 8’ HC containers, such as they can be very sturdy, the least expensive, most compact, and simple to store. Our 8ft HC shipping containers are extremely durable, inside and out.

Using an 8’ high cube is beneficial when storing particularly tall items, especially when you don’t necessarily have too many items to store. These are compact units that can be used in a wide variety of industries, from automotive to industrial.

8-ft High Cube Container Mods

Advanced Container has a long-standing reputation of modifying shipping containers to our clients’ exact specifications. Modified 8 ft container options span from simple shelves, complete offices to restrooms, and much more. You can also see more of our projects on our container gallery page.

8′ high cube containers are small and tall, contact us to find out more.