Shipping Container Office Park

custom blue paint with a door and window

Have you ever seen a Shipping Container Office Park? Well, you can if you go to Dallas, Texas. That’s right, there is a brightly colored complex being constructed.

Shipping containers are versatile enough for almost any business to find them useful. An innovative and hip way to use containers is transforming them into an office park. A town near Dallas, Texas, a new office park is set to open soon. This idea redefines the possibilities of uses for shipping containers.

Dallas Shipping Container Office Park

Their plan is to be built out of 120 colorful shipping containers. This project is projected to allow for 30 businesses to rent spaces in a 3-story complex with over 15,000 square feet in total. The containers are to be modified to approximately 8 feet by 20 feet with an extra foot in height for head space.

While some containers are connected to form a retail store with glass front windows, others are 100+ square feet office buildings which are perfect for one to three people to work in. All the features and amenities of a normal store or office are available for a fully functioning productive space.

This shipping container office park is a unique way to get foot traffic and add a level of interest for a shopping and work environment. The upper level rooms are furnished for a break room with kitchens and restrooms and conference rooms with clients. The exterior and interior is designed to look close to a real office or retail store as possible, without feeling like you’re inside a shipping container. The main advantages of an office park made of containers are:

Environmentally Friendly

  • Containers are sustainable due to their heavy-duty construction and that they are easily customized. Their structural integrity allows for them to be easily recycled.
  • They Can Go Green – With solar panels on the roof and wind turbines, containers reduce the amount energy consumed because they are simply smaller and require less resources to make and maintain.The smaller the room, the smaller the AC units and all other appliances need to be which cuts down on electricity usage.

Cost Efficient

  • Containers are simple to order and make into a workplaces or store fronts. The smaller spaces are more reasonable for locally owned businesses with few employees.
  • These used shipping contained units are reused and refurbished to be the best product for your money.

Built-in Applications

  • It is easy to install insulation, drywall, air conditioning, electrical and plumbing into these versatile containers.
  • There are endless opportunities to design the inside and transform the space into the most productive environment possible.

If you are looking to customize shipping containers Advanced Container is your best solution. Fill out our contact form with any questions you may have to get started on your new store or office.